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We all have stressful moments in our lives and the time we live in, we’re always required to be on time and stay always active, but sometimes the stress gets the most of us. In order to face a stressful time here are some tips to get you through this time that have been proved to be efficient:

  1. Take a supplement with Magnesium and B6

Magnesium, a vital nutrient and often absent in our diet is known under the name of „the chill pill”. It is proven that magnesium defeciency can lead to depression, anxiety, headaches and other things that contribute to stress. If you feel extremly stressed especially during autumn, try and take Magnesium and B6. In a few days you will see that your level of energy is improved, you will relax more and you will be able to get a good night sleep.

  1. Morning Pages

When you are stressed out you often can’t focus right which can often bring more frustration and create more stress. A very great exercise to bring back your concentration is for you to wake up everyday and start writing on a paper everything that passes through your mind, or better said „mind dump”. Express your thoughts, fear emotions on a piece of paper everyday and you will see that you will lower the „background noise” in your head and be able to focus more on what you’re doing.

  1. Pick up an activity you enjoy

Doing something that you enjoy will help you relax during a stressful time. Try reading a book, go to a coffee shop or hang out with your friends. When we enjoy doing something the level of endorphines increase making you much happier and you will be able to relax. However consider picking an activity you already know, because trying something new might be perceived as source of stress by your brain.

  1. Talk to someone about it

When going through a stressful time it is high key to express your feelings. Try talking to someone about what you’re going through and get it off your chest. Sometimes a professional might help, but if you’re not comfortable with it, try finding a friend who is a good listener.

  1. Solve whatever is stressing you out

There are often times when we seem to feel stressed without a reason. Try finding out why you’re feeling stressed and find a way to solve it. Is it a deadline for a project coming up? Create a roadmap or a set of tasks in order to complete it as soon as possible so that you can get rid of the stressful situation. Getting to the root of the problem often solves the problem and you can get out of a stressful time faster.

Last but not least no matter what you’re going through be sure to take care of yourself and don’t forget that even under stressful time, you need to give yourself a break.

What are some of your tips for dealing with a stressful time?